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GolfRedefined - The Netflix of Golf - Play, Swap, Repeat



If you love golf as much as I do, you are excited every time a new driver is released. You are probably also like me in that is no way you can afford to get the newest driver every time it comes out, but you have extreme curiosity to give each and every one of them a try. I am very pleased to introduce the next best thing in golf clubs. It’s on online site called Golf Redefined where their slogan is Play, Swap, Repeat.

Here is how it works: You can go online and choose between three different membership packages. Each package has its own advantages and benefits depending on what you are looking for. After deciding on a membership package the rest is very simple. You select from over 40 of the latest drivers on the market, create a list of which drivers you want to try, and the first driver on your list is delivered to your door. You use the driver for as long or as little as one wants, and when done ship it back at no charge, and the next driver is shipped immediately to you .

What are the advantages to this membership you may ask? First, you can choose from the top drivers on the market from the world’s top manufacturers. Second, testing each driver is only one monthly or quarterly fee, that’s it. No long commitments. Third, you have the opportunity to find the driver that best fits your game. Last, shipping the driver back when you are all done is free.

This program eliminates any chance of buyer’s remorse. Who wants to spend over three hundred dollars on one golf club only to find the club is just not right for you? No more. No long commitments, no regrets, just great clubs to help improve you game, one club at a time.

Golf Redefined

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