Masters 2014


Tomorrow starts a very big day in golf and every year I get more and more excited to watch this golf tournament. I am lucky because Directv offers a very cool free Masters channel package that I can watch multiple camera views of the tournament all weekend. Thankfully I can watch a lot of the coverage on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

This year I have another added interest which is my fantasy golf picks. This is my first year of fantasy golf which is a lot of fun. My picks for the tournament are Bubba Watson, Jordan Spieth, Zach Johnson, Rickie Fowler, Dustin Johnson, and Rory McIlroy.

On my bucket list I hope I can make a trip down to Augusta and watch the tournament live in person. To see all the green grass, smell the freshly cut grass and enjoy the history of the course would be amazing. Maybe I can convince my wife to come with me?

Everyone please have a terrific Master’s weekend.


My Predictions: NCAA Final Four


Have I ever mentioned how much I love college basketball? Well I do, and have I ever mentioned how much I love March Madness? Well I will say it again. March could be by far the best month of the year.

The brackets have been out since Selection Sunday and I love filling out the brackets. I love filling them out so much I try and get in every online contest I can and have time to compete in.

My predictions: NCAA Final Four

South Region:
I do completely agree with the experts that Florida is the overall #1 team in the country. Florida may have a little bump in the road when they face VCU in the Sweet Sixteen but after that there will be no problems for them to reach the final four. I also think Kansas will face Florida in the Elite Eight but Florida will cruise to the Final Four without much resistance.

East Region:
I do agree that Virginia earned a number 1 seed by winning the ACC Conference title and the conference tournament but I do have my reservations about their ability to perform well for the entire tournament. Need I bring up Miami University? Ok moving on. I do like Michigan State and the job Tom Izzo does every year to get his team ready to play in the tournament and the Spartans are a fashionable pick to make the Final Four but Iowa State will turn some heads and reach the Final Four out of the East.

West Region:
By far the weakest region of the four giving Arizona as a number 1 seed the best chance to get to the Final Four. Who would they have to play that is any good? Ah Wisconsin…yea right. It will be a nice and quick exit for the Badgers in the Sweet Sixteen. I am falling in love with NDSU and hope they can make a deep run but it will be tough when they match up against Arizona in the Sweet Sixteen. Creighton has a nice player but there is no way that team makes the Final Four. So as suggested, Arizona comes out of the West with ease.

The hardest region in this years tournament is indeed the Midwest. Bummer for Wichita State and not much respect given to them from the committee as they will have to face the likes of Kentucky, Louisville, possibly Duke or Michigan to reach the final four. As a HUGE Duke fan I do like their chances to get to the Elite Eight but Louisville will be a difficult match up for Duke to get to the Final Four. I do believe Wichita State will be Kentucky in round 2 but will lose to Louisville in the Sweet Sixteen and the first number 1 seed out of the tournament. So, out of the Midwest will be Louisville and making a repeat trip back to the Final Four.

Midwest: Louisville
West: Arizona
East: Iowa State
South: Florida

Stay tuned for my Championship Predictions.

How do you have in your Final Four?


Movie Review Need For Speed


Movie Review Need for Speed

It isn’t very often I get to see a movie on its release date but on Friday I had the opportunity to see Need for Speed staring Aaron Paul.

I only was expecting a couple things going into the movie and was pretty excited to see Aaron Paul on the big screen. I was excited to see some pretty fast cars and some cool racing scenes. This movie definitely had that and then some. Now a days you see many of the special effects that are all computer generated and you can tell. Need for Speed had really cool special effects and I wasn’t able to pin point exactly what was computer generated. It was definitely a good mix of computer and real special effects to keep the audience interested.

I did enjoy the plot and thought it was believable. I won’t go into too many details but the story made sense and had enough action mixed into it to keep me into the movie and not waiting for it to end. .

In comparison to the Fast and Furious movies, Need for Speed had a bit less action but I did think the mix worked. Need for Speed was not all action but like I said, the mix of action and drama was a good one and worked well. The actions scenes were well done.

I don’t see too many movies in the theater but this one was well worth it and I would recommend others go and see it. Seeing the action on the big screen was very cool. I’m hoping for a second Need for Speed.


Business Review: Beachcomber Hot Tubs


It’s always a great thing to get great customer service and that is exactly what happened when I visited Beachcomber Hot Tubs at 4881 Miller Trunk Highway in Hermantown, Minnesota.

When my wife and I purchased our new home much to our delight it had a hot tub in the back yard. This was very exciting for us but also seemed like a really big chore. After doing some research about hot tubs, I thought it a good idea to visit really the only hot tub retailer in the Duluth area.

When I arrived I was politely greeted by a salesman Shawn who was quick to answer all my questions and help get me started. I knew nothing about hot tubs and he was patient to answer all my questions, offer great advice on how to drain, refill and how to add the appropriate chemicals to get my tub at just the right levels. I think the best advice he gave me was, don’t over think it. It’s really not that complicated. Shawn got me all the right chemicals and offered to email me more information that would assist me in taking care of the tub. As someone who has never taken care of a hot tub, I left Beachcomber feeling confident in my ability to take care of my tub.

I got home and did everything Shawn advised and it was actually quite easy. And tonight I was able to enjoy my very first hot tub. Taking a hot tub outside in the winter is so relaxing and I love it. I am hooked and super glad this house has a hot tub. I may just have to get into the hot tub every night after the kids go to sleep. I love my hot tub. Thanks Shawn and Beachcomber Hot Tubs for helping a rookie get his tub up and running.


Gay Athletes Coming Out is Not News


Gay athletes coming out is not news. Recently, Jason Collins professional basketball player and future NFL player Michael Sam have announced they are homosexual. These two stories have dominated the headlines at different times and you couldn’t turn on the television, read articles online, read a tweet or read your local newspaper and not get a story about their announcement. It’s not a big time news story.

It is hard for me to comprehend how the sexual orientation of anyone is big news? I have no problem with people announcing or sharing their sexual orientation, or religion (but that is for a different time) but for the large amount of news coverage given for these announcements I think is a bit excessive and unnecessary. Who a person wants to share their bedroom with is not news.

A person’s sexual orientation does not make them a better person or better athlete in these cases, it is simply information about the person that now a days is praised more than ever before. I’d rather we focus our attention on their ability to do whatever profession it is they call their career. Do they preform well on the field or in the arts? Are they a good actor or actress? Do they stay out of trouble with the law? What improvements are they trying to make in the community? These bits of news I would much rather hear about on the news instead of sexual orientation.

Can we please stop having week long sweeps on the news about sexual orientation?


Kevin Love Will Leave The Timberwolves


With the trade deadline only hours away all the talk on Twitter has been the potential trades with my favorite NBA team the Minnesota Timberwolves. I do believe Kevin Love will NOT be traded but I do believe Love will leave the Timberwolves when his contract expires at the end of next season.

This is all speculation and I do not have any hard evidence to support my decision but after reading many stories online and reading many tweets this is the conclusion I have come to.

Here are my reasons on why Love will not stay:

Timberwolves rarely draft well for the long term. If the team can’t draft well how will the team get someone to help Love?

Timberwolves will not be able to get a big time free agent to come to Minnesota to play with Love. I say this because if the Wolves want to keep Love he must get the max deal, and then how can they afford anyone else worth some big money? And what big time NBA player wants to play in Minnesota, land of the frozen tundra?

Last, after watching NBA All Star weekend and hearing the reports that Carmelo Anthony said he would take less money so the Knicks could bring in some players to surround him, leads me to believe the Knicks have a great opportunity to attrack a big time free agent in the next year or two. This is the type of scenario that could get Love away from the Wolves, and the Knicks aren’t the only team setting themselves up for this type of scenario. If Love could play with Anthony, and others potentially, I bet Love too would take less money to win and get an NBA championship too.

Don’t get me wrong, I want nothing more than the Timberwolves to be the only home ever for Kevin Love but its a huge stretch for him to stay in Minnesota. I hope that my prediction is wrong but right now, I say Kevin Love will not be in Minnesota after the end of next season.


I Am Caffeine Free and It Isn’t Easy










Going to the doctor isn’t something I enjoy doing very much, one because I always feel I could be doing something else more fun and two sometimes I just feel too cheap to spend money on a doctor appointment when I am not “dying.” But with the encouragement of my wife I decided to go in and get checked out for a couple of health concerns I was having.

To make a long story short, my doctor recommended I give up caffeine. I said but doc, I drink two cups of coffee a day and at least one can of Diet Coke a day. I can’t. He said you must, for your health. I reluctantly agreed and left the doctors office feeling very down and wondering how I could even do this. I have tried to give up caffeine before and it didn’t go so well.

Day one of being caffeine free. HUGE headache all day. My body was saying to me, “where is my coffee? Where is my Diet Coke?” I made it but it was extremely hard with a big headache all day.

Day two of being caffeine free was going to be better right?!?!? NO! It was worst. Woke up with a headache and spent all day dealing my what I would like to call my “caffeine headache.”

Day three of being caffeine free: The headache was gone, the urge for caffeine wasn’t as strong. My body was slowly and I do mean slowly accepting there was no more caffeine coming in. It seemed the urge for caffeine was disappearing. I had made it!

It has now been about three months and I am caffeine free! Let’s be honest here, I have had about two cups of coffee during this three months and one McDonalds French Vanilla Iced Coffee (To stay awake on my overnight shift) so I am not “completely” caffeine free but three servings in three months I think is pretty darn good. I have found some new loves, they are called Caffeine Free Diet Coke, Decaf Coffee, and Crush Strawberry flavored soda.

If you are trying to give up caffeine like I did but are having a hard time, let me encourage you with it can be done. I did it and you can too! Don’t let your mind fool you!


Mike Zimmer is the New Coach for the Minnesota Vikings


Today Mike Zimmer is the new coach for the Minnesota Vikings. To tell you the truth I am not too excited about the up and coming coordinator coming in here to put a new spin on things. Coach Zimmer has an excellent track record as the defensive coordinator with the Bengals but this hire just really isn’t that exciting for me.

Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of upside with this hire but for me I want to see results. Here’s why, we had Coach Childress, Mike Tice and Leslie Frazier. We had maybe one good season and still no franchise quarterback. Well I guess the quarterback is going to fall back on Rick Spielman, lucky us. But anyway, I want nothing more than Coach Zimmer to do well, lead the Vikings to fight for a division title every year, and actually get this team to win football games. I don’t know if he can do this, and only time will tell. I’ll be patient but how patient can the fans be?


Golf Redefined- Play, Swap, Repeat


Golf Redefined is a golf equipment program they call the Netflix of golf. You choose to play, swap, and repeat the best drivers on the market to date. From their website they say, “Golf Redefined is a membership website where our members get to choose and play with the golf drivers of their choice. No purchase of a golf driver is necessary. Our members can hold on to the golf driver for as long as they wish. They can play with it for 1 round, 20 rounds or more. If and when they are ready they can swap the golf driver for another from our site.”

There are three different subscription options to give you flexibility. I am excited to try out this program when the golf season starts in Minnesota. If you love golf like I do this program is definitely worth checking out.