Happy Thanksgiving







I want to wish you all a very special Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday. I love getting together with family, having lots of food, and keeping up with family traditions. Every day after Thanksgiving we bake Christmas cookies with my Mom and sample em as we go. It is really fun to bake and every year we bake all the same cookies and sometimes try a new recipe.

Our Thanksgiving menu includes turkey, mashed potatoes, my sister Jeanne’s vegetable salad, 7 layer jello (I made it this year), corn, gravy, stuffing, sweet potatoes (for my Dad), and rolls. For dessert my sister Jeanne brings pie of some sort but 1 pumpkin of course.

We watch some football, eat, and have lots of family time. It’s a great day.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


Take Care of The Cooks


Just some information I want to share with people that may help you next time you go to your favorite restaurant. If you are a regular at a certain restaurant you may want to do a couple things that could improve your service. Here is what I mean by regular. If you go out to eat at a place a couple times a week in which you see the same employees almost every time.

First, you probably don’t want to be really crabby to the servers. I know they are there to provide your service but if you come multiple times a week the servers know you are coming back and speedy/quality service in this case doesn’t have to be a high priority. Be nice or be willing to face some sketchy service.

Second, you better be a good tipper. Good tips as a regular will get you a good reputation and get the quality service you are looking for and as a regular.

Third, don’t be rude to the cooks. Remember they are cooking your food and like mentioned before if they know you are coming back, the food can be just a bit slow to come up. You don’t want to make the people that make your food mad. Believe me.

Fourth, as a regular customer you can tip the cooks. Cooks don’t ever expect to get a tip but if you are at a restaurant a couple times a week, sending a buck or two back to the cooks goes a long way. Trust me. It’s another small way the service will be even better than the last time. If your food tastes really good it’s not because of the servers.


No More Facebook and Loving It


About 1 month ago I made the decision to rid myself of Facebook. It was a semi-hard decision only because I drive a lot of traffic to my blog from all my friends on Facebook but that just wasn’t enough to keep my account activated. Conversations I have with people about Facebook I hear a lot, “I’m friends with them so I can creep on them,” or “I like to creep on their account to see what they are up to.” After hearing this lots of times, it was time to be done.

Another reason I rid myself of Facebook was my timeline. I was so sick and tired of all the “sharing” people were doing with me of stupid videos, stupid quotes, and stupid political banter I have no interest in looking at. All Facebook did was drive this kind of material to my timeline. Sure could I have filtered my timeline better, I guess but that was just more work than I wanted to do for Facebook.

Last reason I got rid of Facebook was the amount of useless time I spent on Facebook just because why not. I mean I’m just sitting here on the couch doing nothing, ok I’ll search Facebook. WHAT A WASTE OF MY TIME. When I’m not working I want to spend time with my family, I want to work on my house, and I want to blog more.

Do I miss being off Facebook, no way. Will I be reactivating my account, no way. I love being Facebook Free. Anybody else feel this way? No more Facebook and Loving it.


Vikings Season is Over



It is amazing how time flies and how busy one can become with three kids, a new job, a new schedule, and moving into a new house. But I really want to make a good effort to get back on the blog and post new articles every few days.

There have been so many things going on in Viking land where do I begin. Let’s just cut to the chase. With the news of AP and his being placed on the exempt list, in a nutshell the season is most likely over. Here’s why, and this is all my opinion of course. But I will say I do follow the Vikings very closely and have for as long as I can remember. The signing of Matt Cassel to a new deal appears to be a big band aid and at the time there were no signals the Vikings would draft Teddy. It was a little frustrating to see Cassel go and then see him get a new deal for more money. But with AP in the backfield Cassel was a viable option to lead the team. With AP on the bench Cassel is not a good option but neither is Teddy. Time will tell and we will only see how Cassel does against the Saints today but my guess is just as good as he did against the Patriots when the Vikings were at home. But then again in my opinion the Vikings offense will be a lot worse without the best running back in the league in the backfield. (Side note a guy I work with told me Demarco Murray is the best running back in the league. But let’s not get into it.) It is not rocket science that if you lose your best player you will not be as good but with the schedule the Vikings are facing and with the other teams in the NFC North I hate to say it but the Vikings season is pretty much over with any chance to make a post season appearance. Now things can change certainly but as it sits today, I would say the Vikings will be lucky and I do mean lucky to get to 8-8.

I am a huge Vikings fan like I said and will not be leaving the bandwagon and never will but after years of disappointment from the organization it is hard for me to have hope for this season. The future maybe bright but it appears for now the future of the Vikings appears to be minus one running back. The Vikings season is over.


Lebron James Will Never Be as Good As Michael Jordan


Lebron James will never be as good as Michael Jordan.

Growing up watching the NBA in the 90s there is no comparison about how good it used to be and how terrible it is now. Almost every super star is now trying to opt-out of their contracts to move themselves to win a championship with some other superstar. That never happened in the 90s with superstars like Jordan, Magic, and Bird. Even Stockton and Malone stuck it out for the majority of their careers and tried numerous times to beat Jordan. Maybe the one exception was Barkley but that was at the end of his career not in his prime.

I’m a huge basketball fan but all this talk right now about where Melo, James, Wade, Bosh and even my favorite Kevin Love are going is really annoying and bad for the game. How about all you NBA superstars who want to win a championship start playing some defense, get your teammates to play defense and then you might start winning. Jordan was on the All NBA First Team for defense each year he won a championship. Jordan was also the player who would score at will whenever his team needed it. Jordan willed his teammates to play with his passion and passion to win and they did.

Having watched Jordan the majority of his career and watching the NBA now, there is no question in my mind Jordan is the best player I have ever seen play. Lebron is definitely the best player in the NBA right now but 2-5 in NBA Finals isn’t as good as Jordan. Lebron will never be as good as Jordan. Get 4 more rings then you can put yourself on the NBA Mount Rushmore.


Happy Father’s Day

Papa & Emma

Papa & Emma


My Dad and I have had a lot of fun times together over the years but one thing is for sure, he will do anything for his family. My Dad will fix the car, repair the bathroom, paint the bathroom, bring me a snow blower after a big storm and do it all without complaining. My Dad is one of the hardest workers I know and has taught me my whole life that if you want anything you have to work for it. Nothing comes for free but hard work has its rewards. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today without the love and support of my Dad.

Happy Father’s Day Dad! I love you!


Matt Cooke Suspended 7 Games


Matt Cooke Suspended 7 Games

News came down from the NHL that Matt Cooke will now be suspended 7 games for his knee to knee hit during game three injuring Tyson Barrie. 7 games are you serious? 7 games is too many.

When 2 players in the NHL get into a fight is their intent to hurt the other player? My guess would be yes and do we ever see any suspensions for this action? Almost never. So when the players “go after” some player on the other team in a non-fighting situation they are now suspended. That makes almost no sense to me. It is tough for me to get my head around the suspension for cheap shots and no suspension for fist to face fighting.

I also do agree with the stance that if Barrie wasn’t injured, Cooke’s suspension may not have happened or would even be much less than 7 games.

I am certainly not a great hockey mind and not trying to be a Minnesota sport fan homer but at playoff time when the NHL officials are barely calling any penalties as it is, a suspension of this length is pretty ridiculous. The league should not break down the play in slow motion but watch it in normal time as the officials did. The league puts officials in charge of games for a reason and their call of the play should also have some impact on the suspension. Matt Cooke shouldn’t be suspended for 7 games.


Masters 2014


Tomorrow starts a very big day in golf and every year I get more and more excited to watch this golf tournament. I am lucky because Directv offers a very cool free Masters channel package that I can watch multiple camera views of the tournament all weekend. Thankfully I can watch a lot of the coverage on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

This year I have another added interest which is my fantasy golf picks. This is my first year of fantasy golf which is a lot of fun. My picks for the tournament are Bubba Watson, Jordan Spieth, Zach Johnson, Rickie Fowler, Dustin Johnson, and Rory McIlroy.

On my bucket list I hope I can make a trip down to Augusta and watch the tournament live in person. To see all the green grass, smell the freshly cut grass and enjoy the history of the course would be amazing. Maybe I can convince my wife to come with me?

Everyone please have a terrific Master’s weekend.


My Predictions: NCAA Final Four


Have I ever mentioned how much I love college basketball? Well I do, and have I ever mentioned how much I love March Madness? Well I will say it again. March could be by far the best month of the year.

The brackets have been out since Selection Sunday and I love filling out the brackets. I love filling them out so much I try and get in every online contest I can and have time to compete in.

My predictions: NCAA Final Four

South Region:
I do completely agree with the experts that Florida is the overall #1 team in the country. Florida may have a little bump in the road when they face VCU in the Sweet Sixteen but after that there will be no problems for them to reach the final four. I also think Kansas will face Florida in the Elite Eight but Florida will cruise to the Final Four without much resistance.

East Region:
I do agree that Virginia earned a number 1 seed by winning the ACC Conference title and the conference tournament but I do have my reservations about their ability to perform well for the entire tournament. Need I bring up Miami University? Ok moving on. I do like Michigan State and the job Tom Izzo does every year to get his team ready to play in the tournament and the Spartans are a fashionable pick to make the Final Four but Iowa State will turn some heads and reach the Final Four out of the East.

West Region:
By far the weakest region of the four giving Arizona as a number 1 seed the best chance to get to the Final Four. Who would they have to play that is any good? Ah Wisconsin…yea right. It will be a nice and quick exit for the Badgers in the Sweet Sixteen. I am falling in love with NDSU and hope they can make a deep run but it will be tough when they match up against Arizona in the Sweet Sixteen. Creighton has a nice player but there is no way that team makes the Final Four. So as suggested, Arizona comes out of the West with ease.

The hardest region in this years tournament is indeed the Midwest. Bummer for Wichita State and not much respect given to them from the committee as they will have to face the likes of Kentucky, Louisville, possibly Duke or Michigan to reach the final four. As a HUGE Duke fan I do like their chances to get to the Elite Eight but Louisville will be a difficult match up for Duke to get to the Final Four. I do believe Wichita State will be Kentucky in round 2 but will lose to Louisville in the Sweet Sixteen and the first number 1 seed out of the tournament. So, out of the Midwest will be Louisville and making a repeat trip back to the Final Four.

Midwest: Louisville
West: Arizona
East: Iowa State
South: Florida

Stay tuned for my Championship Predictions.

How do you have in your Final Four?